A small sample of some of this years projects

Our customers are keeping us so busy as always! Time to get some photos up of what we’ve been doing. Enjoy!


Dory Dodger

The owner of this beautifully restored dory came to us with a specfic design and aesthetic already in mind. The style of top and windshield he desired was similar to convertible dodgers we have done on many sailboats. He had a few custom options in mind we were happy to accommodate. The top can fold up all the way, but it can also be half folded. It features Sunbrella Silica Sesame marine fabric, Makrolon Marine 5 windows, Solarfix thread, and stainless steel tubing and hardware.


Ocean Alexander

This project features Sunbrella Marine Fabric, .060 Markolon AR2 polycarbonate, and Solarfix PTFE Thread.

Convertible Dodger

This convertible Dodger features the following

Makrolon Marine 5 Polycarbonate

Sunbrella Marine Fabric

Top Gun Reinforcement fabric

Solarfix Lifetime Thread

Stainless Steel tubing with folding handrails

Flybridge enclosure and Aft Enclosure


Tempered Glass Window insert with windshield wiper and sprayer system

Makrolon AR2 Polycarbonate front  window panels

Sunbrella Silica Charcoal Marine Fabric

Solarfix PTFE Lifetime Thread

O'Sea Clear window panels for the rest of the enclosure


SeaRay 56 Sedan Bridge

A month after working on a SeaRay 56 sedan bridge we then worked on this sistership.  This SeaRay ended up also getting an aft cockpit enclosure in addition to the bridge.  

Features: .060 Makrolon AR2 polycarbonate sliding panel bridge enclosure, .060 O'Sea Backdrop, Mediterranean Tweed Sunbrella Marine Fabric, YKK #10 vislon zippers.  PTFE thread, 1 1/4" tubing on aft enclosure, with j-shaped access zippers. 

Motor Sailer

This large boat needed new deck covers and a folding flybridge bimini to provide shade for the owner.  Features: Sunbrella Marine Fabric, PTFE Thread

Hampton 550 Aft Enclosure

Features: Sunbrella Marine Fabric, .040 O'Sea clear window vinyl, Stay-put Bungee knobs

Ranger Tug Aft Enclosure

Features .040 O'Sea clear window vinyl, Sunbrella Marine Fabric, 1" stainless steel tubing and hardware, YKK #10 vislon zippers

SeaRay 56 Sedan Bridge


Sliding rigid panels

.060 Makrolon AR2 Polycarbonate Bridge Enclosure with .060 O'sea flexible vinyl back drop.  

Sunbrella Marine Fabric


Whether you want a modern styled dodger or a classic style dodger, we can fabricate what works for your needs and the aesthetic you want with the latest materials.  Here is a gallery of dodgers from the past few years we have made.  

Sailboat Wing Shades

The owner of this sailboat wanted some cockpit protection from the sun on those hot sunny days that still allows airflow.  The shade slides into tracks we mounted on the boom, has catenary curves to maintain tension and ties off at the outboard lifeline stanchions.  The fabric used is Stamoid Classic in white which is easy to clean and last for years without shrinking.  

Tiara Enclosure

The owner of this Tiara wanted a distinctive enclosure with a striped awning fabric, removeable solid front panel and a nice shade sail to get some relief from the sun.

Features: Sunbrella Awning Fabric, O'Sea Clear window vinyl, Sunguard Thread, Stainless steel tubing, and Soltis mesh shade sail. 


SeaRay Sundancer Enclosure

The owners of this SeaRay asked us to redo there existing enclosure.  It features Sunbrella Marine Fabric, .060 Polycarbonate front windows, .040 O'Sea flexible windows for the rest of the enclosure, ykk #10 zippers, Solarfix PTFE thread, and a Phifterex mesh suncreen for the front on  those hot sunny days.  

SeaRay 340 Full Enclosure

This SeaRay features Sunbrella Marine fabric, semi-rigid polycarbonate windows forward of the arch, and O'Sea flexible window vinyl aft the arch.  It also has Solarfix PTFE Lifetime Thread, YKK #10 zippers, and stainless steel tubing.  J-zippers make entry a breeze on the sides.  

Beneteau Oceanis Full Enclosure

This full enclosure features

Sunbrella Marine Fabric

.060 Makrolon AR2 Polycarbonate Windows on the dodger

.040 O'Sea clear window vinyl on the enclosure

Solarfix PTFE Lifetime Thread

YKK #10 Zippers

1 1/4" Stainless Steel Tubing 

Beneteau Dodger

The owner of this beautiful Beneteau asked us to fabricate him a new dodger that could stand up to the rigors of offshore sailing.  


Recacril Marine  Charcoal Tweed Fabric

Top Gun Reinforcement

.060 Makrolon Polycarbonate Windows

Solarfix PTFE lifetime thread

Welded Aft Hand Rail

1 1/4" STainless steel tubing

YKK #10 zippers

Pursuit Rigid Enclosure

The new owner of this pursuit requested a better enclosure than what was currently on it.  We fabricated it with Makrolon AR2 Polycarbonate windows, Solarfix PTFE Thread and Sunbrella Marine Fabric.  The owner requested a sliding doorway, and due to the limited room where the factory installed track was, instead of second hard mounted track, a sewable track was built into the upper zipper flap.  This worked out well and the owner was very pleased.   The lower canvas on the doorway also rolls up and zips to itself to keep from flapping when under way.